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In 1942 AD, the late Hajj Hamdi Salim al-Salhani, at the age of 25, began pursuing his dreams, following his dreams of making ice cream and Alaska. With his personal thought, his cooling was done on electricity after the gate was on the snow of the mountains. and horses.

He established the first semi-automated factory in the name of (Asia) at the Salhiya Gate, facing Diab’s building, and worked on a small manufacture dedicated to technically selling ice cream, where ice and a larger tank were placed between them, broken and pressed through the airport and pressed by salt to condense the cold to keep the ice cream and Alaska in good condition throughout the day.
– In 1962, work began in Bab Sharqi, known for its good and wonderful residents and people who are still ours. He made pictures!
– In 1974, his sons owned a business and expanded it until Panda Company for the manufacture of ice cream and chocolate was established in 1999 in the Eastern Ghouta region (Mleiha) Gil. ) But the conspiracy that was being woven against our beloved homeland, Syria, destroyed her company to ruins.
– After the liberation of Ghouta, Panda Company was reconstructed with the latest food industries in terms of food, modern construction, modern European processing, laboratories and industrial wheel recycling.
Damascus - Syria
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